CW Electric Portfolio

Military & Public Works Projects:
Travis AFB- Flightline Runway Signage & Fitness Center Remodel
Beale AFB-  New GHOC Command Center, New Combat Arms Training Simulator, Child Development Center Remodel, Flightline Runway Signage, Officers Center Remodel, New Fire Alarm System at the Contracting Offices & Auto Shop, Command Center Building 1025 Remodel and Fire Alarm System
Mare Island Pier Ship Shore Power Supply & Port
Mare Island VA Hospital Remodel
Presidio Of Monterey Health Clinic Remodel
California Highway Patrol- New CHP Facility in Williams, Ca
US Social Security Administration- New Oroville, Ca. Social Security Office                                             
US Bureau of Reclamation Tracy Ca. Administration Center Remodel                                                 

Commercial & Retail Projects:
Feather Falls Casino in Oroville, Ca- New Brewery, Major Casino Remodels, Parking Lighting & New Generator
Walmart Corp- Roof Top Solar Arrays in Hanford & Porterville, Ca.
Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, Ca- Parking Lot Solar Array
Wittmeier Auto Center in Chico, Ca- Various Remodel & Electrical Updating Projects
Goldtown Plaza in Oroville, Ca
Best Buy in Chico, Ca- Electrical Updating
Old Navy in Chico, Ca- Electrical Updating
Hollywood Video in Paradise, Ca- Electrical Updating
La Comida Restaurant- New Restaurant in Oroville, Ca

Health Care Facilities & Schools:
RP Physical Therapy- New Facility in Oroville, Ca
Feather River Tribal Health- New Medical Clinic Generator
Presidio Monterey- Health Clinic Remodel
Santa Clara Valley Hospital- Solar Array
Mare Island- Va Hospital Remodel
Butte Community College- Many Remodels & Electrical Updating Projects
CSU Chico- Performing Arts Center Remodel & Fire System
Shasta Community College- Solar Array
Bridge Street Elementary- Remodel
Williams High School- New Multipurpose Room
LP High School- New Classrooms & Remodel
Chester High School- Remodel
Portola High School- Remodel
Greenville High School- Remodel
Quincy High School- Remodel

Agricultural & Industrial Projects
Thermolito Irrigation District- New Microfiltration System
City of Chico Waste Water Treatment Plant- Solar Array
Napa- Water Treatment Plant Solar Array
Yuba City- Water Filtration System Solar Array
Lake County- Water Treatment Plant Solar Array
North Valley Ag in Chico, Ca- Various New Projects, Remodels & Electrical Updating
Friendly Farm Alpaca in Chico, Ca- Various Remodels & Electrical Updating
Courtside Cellars Winery- Solar Array

“CW Electric is solely owned and operated by Felisa C. & Dale J. Wagoner”

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